Succulent Blossom Earrings

Finally, got out of my comfort zone and ventured into making some stud earrings. 95% of my jewellery is rings and whilst I had wanted to make other types of jewellery, I just kept thinking that my skills aren’t quite up to par yet. Now that I have my tumbler, I am able to work harden… Continue reading Succulent Blossom Earrings

Silver Blossom Rings

As you may or may not know, I have a bit of an obsession with Cherry and Plum Blossoms. I would like to say that most of my inspiration for my flower jewellery are taken from these two types of flowers and I had thought for a while how to incorporate the classic Cherry Blossom… Continue reading Silver Blossom Rings

Rose and Labradorite Puzzle Ring

One of my favourite gemstones is Labradorite, each stone consists of different flashes of colour varying fro blue, greens and purple shades. It has a hardness of 6 -6.5 on the Mohs Scale which makes it a nice stone for setting especially for accident prone people like myself 🙂 I decided to pair this pear shaped… Continue reading Rose and Labradorite Puzzle Ring

Two Band Puzzle Rings

I have a big fascination with interlocking/puzzle rings, something about the way that two or more separate rings that can come together to create a unique design is really what inspired me to try and make my own version of these rings. Not exactly being the smartest person there is, it initially took me many… Continue reading Two Band Puzzle Rings

Spotlight on the Solid Rose Ring

Today, I will be spotlighting one of the first Rose Rings I have ever made. This Rose was initially made from wax and then cast into silver. This turned out really well apart from my mistake of not seeing or rather missing the fact that some of my fingerprints were still on the wax before it… Continue reading Spotlight on the Solid Rose Ring